math smart classRoom  :  by  t.nomjit  hirunrat

  • m1

    basic mathematics m.1

    Contents :

    1) Decimals and Fractions  2) Approximation  3) Ordered Pairs and Graphs  4) Linear Equations with One Variable 5) The relationship between Two and Three Dimensional Geometric Shapes

    Link to E-learning   Math E-book

  • m2

    addition mathematics m.2

    Contents :

    1) Factoring Quadratic Polynomial

    2) Quadratic Equation with one variable

    3) Variation    E-learning    Math E-book

  • active

    Active learning

    Learning in which the learner is the principal driving force, with the instructor as facilitator of the process among the many active learning approaches are experiential learning, cooperative learning, problem-solving exercises, writing tasks, speaking activities, class discussion, case-study methods, simulations, role playing, peer teaching, fieldwork, independent study, library assignments, computer-assisted instruction, and homework.